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About Oridea Platform

Oridea is an open source platform for running applications with hypertext user interface (HTUI). For this moment (version, Oridea has following features:
  • Oridea Platform API - provides all of Oridea functionality: Data Transfer Protocol (ODTP, the internal protocol that is a list of rules used for the dialog between the platform and application, former Nex Internal Protocol), Data Storage System (ODSS, the OS-independent data storage system), Configuration Storage (OCS, where each Oridea application and Oridea itself stores their configuration), Template Storage (OTS, where Oridea stores all of applications templates, translatable), etc.
    See documentation for more information.
  • Nex Web-browser - fully customizable, tabbed and extensible Web-browser. Contains its own favorites system, search system, history, skin customization engine, etc. Any feuture of Nex is implemented in hypertext that makes it beutiful, magic and more reliable.
    Nex is an executable part of Oridea Platform, where Oridea is a framework used by all of it applications (including Nex), Nex shows hypertext to user. Currently, it uses Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML-rendering engine, but we have great plans on porting it on Gecko (Mozilla's engine).
  • Hyperpad notes journal - the hypertext notepad, where you can store your own notes (HTML enabled), read it, edit and manage. Hyperpad is a good example of using the Oridea Platform for program development. It is included in the Nex since A2 (0.2.4700) version, but can be easily removed.
Oridea Platform and all of it components (including Nex Web-browser and Hyperpad notes journal) distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This means that it is free for use and its source is open.


Oridea Platform, Nex Web-browser and the Hyperpad notes journal are created by Andrew Sklyarevsky ( ). Thanks to Sergey Kirgizov for Hyperpad idea.
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