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What is the Oridea Platform?

Oridea is a platform for hypertext applications (see this page for more information about HTUI). It contains following core elements:
  1. Oridea Data Transfer Protocol (ODTP). Currently, it is used for transferring the HTML between Oridea and its applications, between applications and internally in Oridea. It is formerly known as Nex Internal Protocol (NIP) in A1 version of Nex.
  2. Oridea Data Storage System (ODSS). This is a cross-platform system for data storing. It is not a file system, because it uses a data blocks as a replacement for both files and folders.
  3. Oridea Configuration Storage (OCS). This is a system where all of the Oridea application should store its configuration.
  4. Oridea Template Storage (OTS). Using of HTUI requires some mechanism that will store templates for dynamic pages. Templates in OTS are translatable and extensible by special <ldp> tags.
  5. Oridea Nex (overview). For the moment, Nex is a show engine for Oridea applications, it provides all of the feutures required by Oridea Platform. It also can be used as a Web-browser and containcs all of needed things for that.
    In future, we plan to develop Oridea Sorrel Desktop Environment that will be first cross-platform hypertext environment with intelligible without intuition user interface.
The Oridea Platform, Nex Web-browser and the Hyperpad notes journal are written on C# using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003, all sources are open and downloadable.


Phrase Description
Local Dynamic Page(LDP) Page that is generated by some class in some .NET assembly. Each Oridea application should have at least one LDP. Every LDP has unique address, for example odtp:/hyperpad.i/index is a main Hyperpad application LDP.
Local Static Page (LSP) Static page that is just a file on your hard disk. In the same way as LDPs, LSPs also should have its own unique address. For example, odtp:/nex.i/gpl is LSP with GNU General Public License inside.
Data block Block of some data in ODSS. Data blocks can contain children data blocks and data at once. So, there are no differences between folders and files.
OPLSE Oridea Property List String Equivalent. Property list string convertation format, looks like following:
property1="some value",property2="other value",...,lastProperty="last value"
Oridea API Oridea Application Programming Interface - class library that Oridea application developer should use.
Oridea Data Allocation Table In fact, XML file where Oridea stores information about all of stored data blocks.
Hypertext User Interface (HTUI) Implemented in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) end-user interface. Has many advantages that classical GUI (Graphical User Interface) doesn't provides. Every Oridea application has HTUI.
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