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System requirments

For the moment, Oridea has following requirments to your system, that should be completed before you will be able to run Oridea:
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or later operating system. This is only because Oridea uses Microsoft Internet Explorer's hypertext rendering engine. In the future, we plan to port Oridea on Gecko engine and make Nex cross-platform browser.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later installed on your system. For the present situation, Oridea can not run on open source Mono Framework due to several problems in its System.Windows.Forms implementation.
  • Nex uses from 25 Mb of your RAM, so it is not recommended to run it on systems with less than 256 Mb physical memory available.
  • Nex uses from 2 Mb of your hard disk space, depending on the size of data that stored by Oridea applications (like Hyperpad), your history size (probably, it will not be more than 1 Mb), etc. It is recommended to keep about 50 Mb of hard disk space free on the partition, where you want to install Nex.
  • Due to hypertext user interface of Nex, it is much more slow than other browsers. We work on its optimization, but we still have perfomance problems. So far as your CPU clock frequency less than 2 GHz, so bad it is.

Download Oridea Nex

Oridea Nex A2 ( is available for downloading in three variants:
  1. Download complete Windows Installer package that will do everything you need. This is recommended variant for all users. Click here.
    NOTE: This is not good idea to install Oridea in your Program Files directory, if you will do this, than only computer administrators will be able to use Nex. We recommend you install Oridea in some top-directory such as C:\Oridea Platform.
  2. Download only Nex executables if you sure that you have Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 installed and don't want to add Nex in your programs menu and your desktop. Click here.
  3. Download Oridea Platform, Nex and Hyperpad source as a single file. Click here.
    NOTE: You need the Microsoft Visual C#.NET 2003 to correctly build Nex from sources.

Install and use

If you downloaded Windows Installer package (.msi file), than you need just to run it and follow instructions on your screen. If you have download just a ZIP-archive with executables (second variant above), than you need to unpack it in some directory (for example, C:\Oridea Platform) and run Nex.exe. If you have download source archive, than you need to open file "Oridea.sln" in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003, and build it.
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