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About the Nex Web-browser

NOTE: Names "Oridea Nex" and "Nex Web-browser" means the same.
Nex is a Web-browser with following feutures:
  • Hypertext user interface - any element of Nex is implemented in HTUI, including toolbar and statusbar.
  • Polylingual - Nex can be translated on any language by the LanguageSet technology. Standard Nex distributive contains English and Russian translations.
  • Favorites system - Nex contains its own favorites system, where all of the favorites are stored in the Oridea Configuration Storage. It also supports import from your Internet Explorer favorites folder.
  • Search system - provides to you a way to easy search the Web using several Web-search engines like Google, MSN Search, etc.
  • Customization - due to using HTML and CSS possibilities in the hypertext user interface, Nex is fully customizable, all of its components (including sidebars, toolbar, statusbar, etc.) uses templates, which can be easily edited. In addition to possibility of template editing, you can go to the skin customizing page under the Nex to customize theme colors.
  • Oridea API support - Nex is an executable part of Oridea Platform, and, for this moment, Oridea applications can be executed only in Nex environment.
  • Integrated since (A2) version Hyperpad notes journal, provides to you a way to write and view notes locally.
  • XML configuration - all configuration that Nex (or Oridea) creates is stored in XML format. This means, that Nex does not save any data in your Windows Registry and you probably can use one Nex instance across any OS. For example, if you have two different versions of Windows and your usernames in first OS and in the second OS are equal, you can use one copy of Nex on both of this systems.
    NOTE: Currently, Nex is available only for Windows OS, because it uses Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML rendering engine. We are working on porting it on Gecko (Mozilla rendering engine), but this is very hard for us due to several limitations of Gecko.
  • Tabbed/MDI layout;
  • Contains Hyperpad notes journal;
You can download Nex (with the Oridea Platform and Hyperpad inside) here.
You can view screenshots of the Nex Web-browser here.


If you have any question about Nex, you can write a letter to .
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